2017, lets do this.

2016 is year that I am more than happy to say goodbye to. There have definitely been some amazing moments, but the second half of the year in particular, was plagued by anxiety. My biggest aim for 2017 is to take back what anxiety took from me. I want this year to be filled with positivity, self love and new experiences. I know it’s not going to be easy, but I have begun putting the tools in place to take anxiety by the horns and make 2017 much more positive.

I saw an idea circulating on Facebook. At the beginning of the year you take an empty jar, each week you add a note with a good thing that has happened to you. Then on new years eve, you open the jar and read about the great year you have had.

I have my jar ready, so here is to a fantastic 2017!

From Rachel With Love x

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