Summer Goals.

As I approach the final week of my university placement, my mind has very much turned to my summer holidays. I’m one of life’s planners and I always have a list on the go, so here I am itching to write my list to ensure my 7 weeks off are as fulfilling and interesting as possible.

Here are the goals I have set myself.

  1. Visit 2 new cities – I’ve been very lucky to have traveled to some amazing places but I’m keen to explore many more. Being a student with a part-time job, my financal situation doesn’t allow some of the destinations I have in mind. So for the time being, I plan to visit some cities within the UK and Europe to satisfying the travelling urge whilst being more friendly on the bank balance.
  2. Try a new sport – From a young age I have always been involved with and enjoyed sport. I haven’t played any sport for over a year, mainly keeping myself fit by exercising in the gym. But lately I’ve missed the competitiveness and drive from sport. I have a few sports in mind to try, Touch Rugby, Hockey and Track cycling.
  3. Take more pictures – I have always loved photography, something about being able to catch a moment in time has always resonated with me. I was gifted a DSLR at Christmas and have only really used it on holiday in Florida. So I’d like to spend some more time behind the lens, this goal can be incorporated with goals 1 and 4.
  4. Discover somewhere new in London – I was born and raised in London, it’s very much the city my heart belongs too. Yet there is still lots of London I haven’t experienced yet, so I hope to become much more familiar my favourite city.
  5. Write more blog post – I created this blog in January 2017 and since then have written 4 blog post in a sporadic manner. I’m aiming to consistently write 1 to 2 blog post a week about varying subjects to keep you update with goings on or things that have interested me.

I have chosen goals which are realistic and achievable to help structure my weeks without over taking them with a fear of failing. I will review these goals at the end of the 7 weeks to let you know how I’ve gotten on.

From Rachel with love x

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