Unruly Curls.

I recently visited the Unruly curls hair salon in West London after Shona Vertue recommended it to those with curly hair.  I’m of a mixed ethnic origin, black Caribbean and white, meaning I have very curly hair. I haven’t had bad experiences with hairdressers but have alway felt there has been a lack of understanding of how to deal with the curliness of my hair. After hearing about Unruly curls, I booked myself in for a long over due cut.

The salon wasn’t what I expected, but it was a pleasant surprise. Its a big room with large mirrors and quirky furniture, it has a very homely feel. I sat down in the chair and had a discussion with my hairdresser, Steve, about the style I was aiming for. After my hair was washed and cut, it was then rinsed under the sink again to revive the curls after being stretched out by the combing and cutting. My hair was styled from soaking wet, then blow dried with a diffuser in a variety of positions, with my head upside down and lying down with my hair hanging over the edge of the chair. The result was the most beautiful, bouncy, glossy curls I had ever seen. It’s the 1st time I’ve ever left the hair dressers 100% happy with how my hair looked and I was out the salon within an hour!

The thing that really sold the salon to me, was when I emailed them 3 days later after to find out the products used to style my hair. I received a reply with the product name and a picture of the product. I honestly couldn’t recommend this salon anymore, the staff are lovely and are very good at what they do and the price is more than reasonable especially for the treatment you get. I won’t even consider visiting another salon.

Here is a before and after picture below:

From Rachel with love x

3 thoughts on “Unruly Curls.

  1. Hiya there,

    I’ll be going to Unruly Curls on Tuesday, but I was wondering if you could give me some more information on how the appointment works, what Steve was like, and how you got your desired cut (eg did he formulate the style or you chose the cut).

    – Jess


    1. Hi Jessica. Steve was lovely, really friendly and put me at ease straight away. I sat in the chair and he asked what I wanted doing. We then discussed how I wanted my hair to look then we told me how he was going to cut to achieve that look. I hope this helps!


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