Summer goals revisited…

So, my 7 week summer holidays have come to an end. At the start of my summer holidays, I wrote a post about my goals for the summer, which you can read here. I set myself 5 goals, aiming to give my 7 weeks off some structure.

  1. Visit 2 new cites – I half achieved this one. I visited Manchester  but was unable to get to another city due to work. I had lovely weekend in Manchester with my sister, it was fun to explore another city and we ate some amazing food, you can read about my weekend in Manchester here. I’ll be carrying this goal forward with me, aiming to visit a new european city around christmas time for the christmas markets.
  2. Try a new sport – I went to my 1st ever touch rugby session, which was the most fun I’ve had exercising for ages. It was fast paced, and once I started to understand the rule more, I really started to enjoy it. I’m looking forward to this become a permanent fixture in my fitness routine.  After 7 years of quitting track training, I attended a session at my local athletics club. It was daunting at 1st because I haven’t done it for so long and was completely unaware of my ability. Its something I have always regretted, so I’m so pleased I finally plucked up the courage to go back. If you thinking about going back to something, do it!
  3. Take more pictures – This was definitely a fail, I look some photos whilst in Manchester, otherwise I didn’t even touch my camera. I am disappointed with this, but with Autumn on its way, looking forward to photographing the beautiful colours.
  4. Discover somewhere new in London – Although I didn’t discover somewhere new in London, I rekindled my love for places I haven’t visited for finished for many years such as Camden Market and Regents Park. I’ll definitely keep exploring.
  5. Write more blog post – This improved as the summer went on, I plan to post new pieces every Tuesday and Thursday, this is another I will be carrying forward.

Here are some highlights:

  • Champagne afternoon tea with my best friend at Tower 42, read about it here.
  • After winning a Facebook competition I met one of inspirations, Jessica Ennis. It was such an amazing opportunity to meet someone who you aspire too, and she was absolutely lovely.
  • I attended the World Athletic Championships at the Olympic stadium. I have always been a fan of Athletics to be able to be in the stadium and see it live was such an amazing experience for me.  The atmosphere was incredible and seeing Usain Bolt run was definitely a highlight for me.
  • I took part in something, that was so empowering and exciting but I cannot reveal at the moment, but a blog post will follow with all the details. I met some amazing people too, this will definitely go down as a highlight of my year.

I throughly enjoyed my time off and feel I had a good balance of earning money as well as enjoying myself. I’m ready to go back for 3rd and final year of university!

From Rachel with love x

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