Dare to Bare?

BlueBella-030917-029Yes I’m standing in the middle of Oxford Circus in my underwear, I can’t believe I did it either!

To celebrate the Start on London Fashion week, Bluebella did a casting call on their Instagram seeking “confident girls” for a unique opportunity. After reciting cognitive behavioural therapy to deal with my anxiety and having made such amazing progress I thought I would really test my new found confidence and self love. I applied and was inviting to a casting. A week after that I received the exciting news I had been successful.

The next thing I know it’s 7am on Sunday 3rd September and I’m on my way to oxford circus. We met in a bar where we had our makeup and hair touched up and got changed into outfits. It suddenly became very real, in a few hours I would be in the street, in my knickers. The room was filled with gorgeous girls filled with fear and excitement of what we were about to do.

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Bluebella is a London Based lingerie company, which I have been a fan of for ages. They create beautiful underwear that makes you feel confident, not to mention hot as hell and at reasonable prices. They stand for body confidence and empowering women. Underwear should be worn for you, I feel great when I have beautiful underwear, even if no-one sees it, it makes ME feel confident and happy.

Would you dare to bare?

From Rachel with love xx


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