A day in Brighton

Every year I write myself a list of things I want to achieve throughout the year. One of the items of my list was to visit 2 new places, I visited Manchester In august, which you can read about here, to tick this off my list I decided to visit Brighton. I was surprised to find I had never visited Brighton before, despite it being an hours train journey away. making the most of my 18-25 rail-card, I booked myself a ticket to the seaside.

The first thing I did upon arrival was walk to the sea front and wonder along the beach. It was a chilly morning, so there wasn’t many people about, the odd runner and a crazy couple taking a dip in the sea! I’ve always found something peaceful about being by the sea, especially on a calm day and breathing in fresh sea air is a welcome break from London pollution.

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As the day progressed the sun came out, it was such a beautiful day to wonder around the Lanes. Made up of narrow streets filled with independent shops, perfect way to spend a morning. I met a friend for coffee who I hadn’t seen for ages, it was lovely to catch up. I finished the day off by taking a look at the Royal Pavillon. I love looking a different types of architecture, so I was excited to see such a beautiful building.

2017-12-18 14.28.46

Overall I had a really enjoyable day in Brighton and I look forward to exploring more new places next year.

From Rachel With Love x

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