Get to know me.

Sorry for the lack of post lately, I have been super stressed and struggling trying to write my dissertation. So here is a quick post with some random facts about me, after seeing the tag circulating around Instagram.

I’m a 3rd year physiotherapy student– I absolutely love the course and know I made the right decision to embark on a career in physiotherapy.

I’ve met the Queen – At the age of 3, the school where I attended nursery caught fire. My mum (a firefighter) was on duty and called to the fire. So when the school was re-opened by the queen I was selected to give her flowers. I can’t remember much of the day, apart from my knee-high socks were too long and uncomfortable. Luckily there is a video of the experience. QueenieI’m mixed race – My grandfather was from Barbados, he died when my Mum was two, so sadly I never met him. I also haven’t ever been to Barbados which is something I am hoping to change soon.

 I wanted to be an Olympic athlete – I did athletics in particular 800m for 4 years but gave it up around the age of 16, It’s still one of my biggest regrets to this day.

I’m a Cancerian– I’m still dubious about astrology, I don’t read my horoscope regularly and I wouldn’t make life decisions based on it. However, if you read the personality traits of cancerian, it’s me down to a T!

So there you have 5 random facts about me, I’m always happy to answer any questions if you ever want to know more.

From Rachel with Love x

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