Career story

As I’m nearing the end of my 3 year degree, I’ve been reflecting on my career so far. When I finished my A-levels at 18, I had no idea what I wanted to do, it was a very scary time realising my whole life was ahead of me without a clue where to start or how to fulfil it. I went through a rough patch, struggling with symptoms of depression, looking back I didn’t realise how low I felt at the time.

One of my 1st employed roles was working as a party host at a leisure centre where my sister worked. It wasn’t something I enjoyed at all, but it meant I started to gain experience and earn some money. My luck changed when I was looking at swimming pool times at  local leisure centre where I used to swim regularly as a child. Thinking to myself, this seems like a nice place to work,  I then found myself in the jobs section. There was an advert for a ‘Fitness Instructor Apprentice’, no qualifications or experience was required, so it was absolutely perfect for me. Originally after my interview I was phoned to say I was unsuccessful, but a couple a weeks later I got a call asking if I was still available for the job. The next week I was starting my 1st day!

Within the first 4 months, I’d passed my level 2 fitness instructor qualification. I went on to gain my level 3 personal training and indoor cycling instructor course. I was awarded employee of the year in 2014, which has been one of the proudest moments of my working life, it really highlighted how far I had come. The skills I learnt from working at Aspire are so invaluable and I wouldn’t be where I was today without them. I applied to university to study Physiotherapy in 2014, without the experience and confidence I had gained, I wouldn’t have been successful in my university application.

I have continued to work at Aspire part-time whilst studying university, which has helped financially and have continued to develop skills, which have helped throughout my uni course. I’m planning on utilising the skills I have learnt to grow an online Personal Training business.

I look forward to starting a new chapter in my career later this year, but will always be grateful for where it all started.  It’s also a reminder that is okay if you don’t have it all figured out, just gain experience and take different paths, you’ll never know where they might lead. As they say it’s about the journey not the destination. Another blog post focusing on my uni experience will be coming soon.

From Rachel with love x





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