Daily skin care Routine.


Morning – I start my morning routine by using Tea Tree Toner by the Body Shop, I feel it really cleans by skin without drying it out. For moisturiser I am using L’Oreal Paris hydra genius, it’s quite light weight and leaves my skin soft. But I’m in the process of transition to only using cruelty free cosmetic brands, so if anyone could recommend a daily moisturiser from a cruelty free brand please? In the last few months I have started to used a daily sun protection, which has made a huge difference to the appearance of my skin, its taken it from dull and tired looking to much brighter and glowly. I have been using Body Shop ‘s Vitamin C Glow protection lotion. I then apply my make up, another post about my make routine is coming soon.

Evening – My routine starts in the shower with a facial scrub called Let the good times roll by Lush. It’s a new product that came into my life about a month ago, after getting a free tester pot. It literally smells like popcorn is quite gentle on my skin but still leaves my skin feeling clean and super soft after each day. My skin is clearer and looks much brighter since using it. I use a make up remover from the body shop which get off all my mascara followed by a baby wipe to get off residue make up.  I then finish off with a vitamin E oil, I like to use a heavier moisturiser at night, as it has time to settle into my skin as I sleep, leaving me with soft skin in the morning.

The Body Shop is one of my favourite companies for skin care, not only do they have a huge selection for different skin types, but they are also cruelty free. I didn’t realise how many cosmetic companies still tested their products on animals. I’m aware some of the products mentioned are not cutely free, but I bought these before making the changes and I don’t want to waste product. The body shop currently have a petition to stop animal testing, which can be signed here.

Cruelty Free Kitty is a great source for more information regarding animal testing and which brands are cruelty free.

Let me know what your skin care favourite are and if there is anything you recommend I try.

From Rachel with love x

Tea Tree Toner.

Hydra Genius.

Vitamin C glow.

Let the good times roll.

Make up remover.

Vitamin E Oil.


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