Favourite Fitness Instagram accounts.

I’ve worked in a gym since the age of 19 and I’m in the final year of my physiotherapy degree, so I’ve always been passionate about health and fitness. I was originally reluctant to look to other health professionals as I felt “I should know this” but once I got rid of that silly attitude I realised how much I could learn from others. My exercise repertoire has grown massively and I regular throw ideas around with one of the personal trainers I work with, to create variations of exercises.

With so many people online to follow it can be very overwhelming and there are a lot of people giving out incorrect information. So here is my round-up of my favourites that I regularly look to for workout inspiration and motivation, whom also provide education to ensure you train the right way and avoid injury. I hope this inspires you to add some new accounts to you Instagram feed.

Grace Fit uk – I hadn’t exercised properly for over 6 months due to anxiety, so I was looking for a fitness inspiration online to get me back into exercise when I came across Grace and her fitness guide. I’ve worked in a gym for the past 4 years and have a personal training qualification, but the anxiety meant I had difficulties trying to plan gym session, the guide was so structured that it took away that problem.  The guide got me back into exercising regularly and sent my confidence through the roof, I will always be thankful for that. Grace is such a positive person and has created such a positive community online, which is great to be part of. If you’re interested in weight training or growing a booty, Grace is the girl for you.



Grace’s Guides.


Shona Vertue – Is a personal trainer and yoga teacher. She recently bought out a book called The Vertue Method, it’s a 28 day reset plan, including mediation, exercise and food. The book is full of so much information, so you understand exactly what you are doing and why. Shona is huge advocate of being strong and healthy over aesthetic.  If you want to learn more about exercise I strongly recommend purchasing her book or following her online. I’m going to start her re-set plan after my exams have finished.




Cat Meffan – I first discovered Cat when I took part in one of her yoga classes at Be Fit London in April this year. It was such a fun experience and she made yoga feel accessible, like anyone can do it. On her yoga channel she posts a mixture of yoga flows of varying styles and length of time, as well as Travel vlogs, hauls and personal videos.  I love the variety of flows she offers, meaning you can pick one to suit your mood, and she is also a ray of sunshine. When I’m ever feeling stressed or in need of a good stretch I pop on one of her videos. If you want to get into yoga, or need some guidance, Cat is definitely one to follow.




Alice Liveing – formerly known as Clean Eating Alice. I bought Alice’s 3rd book, Everyday fitness. This book is perfect for beginners as she includes lots of education about the anatomy, so I highly recommend it. My favourite thing about Alice is she is perfect example you can be strong and weight train as a woman without being bulky. She has a wide variety of exercises and workouts on her Instagram with cues how to perform the exercise properly. I really enjoy her workouts, feeling I’ve worked hard without feeling exhausted. I practically have all her videos saved to my Instagram collections.


Lilly Sabri – Lilly was another person I discovered at Be Fit London. I was drawn to her as she is a sports physiotherapist and I’m in the final year of my degree. I recently completed her 5 Day kick-start challenge. I’ve been a bit slack with exercise due to being a university placement, so this was perfect to get me back into regular exercise. Each workout consisted on 20 minute cardio/fat burning HITT session, followed by strength and condition and intense ab workouts. She goes into detail about correct technique to ensure you get the best muscle activation. In 4 days she had my gluts (bottom muscles) burning and abs more defined. Lilly is such a supportive person, after putting in my Instagram story I was taking part in the challenge, she DM’d me saying well done and asked me how I found it. She is perfect for those with little time, her workouts are usually 10-20 minutes long and you’ll feel worked out, trust me.




From Rachel With Love x

Dare to Bare?

BlueBella-030917-029Yes I’m standing in the middle of Oxford Circus in my underwear, I can’t believe I did it either!

To celebrate the Start on London Fashion week, Bluebella did a casting call on their Instagram seeking “confident girls” for a unique opportunity. After reciting cognitive behavioural therapy to deal with my anxiety and having made such amazing progress I thought I would really test my new found confidence and self love. I applied and was inviting to a casting. A week after that I received the exciting news I had been successful.

The next thing I know it’s 7am on Sunday 3rd September and I’m on my way to oxford circus. We met in a bar where we had our makeup and hair touched up and got changed into outfits. It suddenly became very real, in a few hours I would be in the street, in my knickers. The room was filled with gorgeous girls filled with fear and excitement of what we were about to do.

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Bluebella is a London Based lingerie company, which I have been a fan of for ages. They create beautiful underwear that makes you feel confident, not to mention hot as hell and at reasonable prices. They stand for body confidence and empowering women. Underwear should be worn for you, I feel great when I have beautiful underwear, even if no-one sees it, it makes ME feel confident and happy.

Would you dare to bare?

From Rachel with love xx


Summer goals revisited…

So, my 7 week summer holidays have come to an end. At the start of my summer holidays, I wrote a post about my goals for the summer, which you can read here. I set myself 5 goals, aiming to give my 7 weeks off some structure.

  1. Visit 2 new cites – I half achieved this one. I visited Manchester  but was unable to get to another city due to work. I had lovely weekend in Manchester with my sister, it was fun to explore another city and we ate some amazing food, you can read about my weekend in Manchester here. I’ll be carrying this goal forward with me, aiming to visit a new european city around christmas time for the christmas markets.
  2. Try a new sport – I went to my 1st ever touch rugby session, which was the most fun I’ve had exercising for ages. It was fast paced, and once I started to understand the rule more, I really started to enjoy it. I’m looking forward to this become a permanent fixture in my fitness routine.  After 7 years of quitting track training, I attended a session at my local athletics club. It was daunting at 1st because I haven’t done it for so long and was completely unaware of my ability. Its something I have always regretted, so I’m so pleased I finally plucked up the courage to go back. If you thinking about going back to something, do it!
  3. Take more pictures – This was definitely a fail, I look some photos whilst in Manchester, otherwise I didn’t even touch my camera. I am disappointed with this, but with Autumn on its way, looking forward to photographing the beautiful colours.
  4. Discover somewhere new in London – Although I didn’t discover somewhere new in London, I rekindled my love for places I haven’t visited for finished for many years such as Camden Market and Regents Park. I’ll definitely keep exploring.
  5. Write more blog post – This improved as the summer went on, I plan to post new pieces every Tuesday and Thursday, this is another I will be carrying forward.

Here are some highlights:

  • Champagne afternoon tea with my best friend at Tower 42, read about it here.
  • After winning a Facebook competition I met one of inspirations, Jessica Ennis. It was such an amazing opportunity to meet someone who you aspire too, and she was absolutely lovely.
  • I attended the World Athletic Championships at the Olympic stadium. I have always been a fan of Athletics to be able to be in the stadium and see it live was such an amazing experience for me.  The atmosphere was incredible and seeing Usain Bolt run was definitely a highlight for me.
  • I took part in something, that was so empowering and exciting but I cannot reveal at the moment, but a blog post will follow with all the details. I met some amazing people too, this will definitely go down as a highlight of my year.

I throughly enjoyed my time off and feel I had a good balance of earning money as well as enjoying myself. I’m ready to go back for 3rd and final year of university!

From Rachel with love x

Bedroom update

After finishing my bedroom earlier in the year, there was one wall which remained plain. I wanted to create a wall with different pictures to add some personality to my room. It look me ages to find the right prints on Desenio. They have a HUGE collection of prints varying in size and style, there is something for everyone.

I selected 6 prints (linked below) which arrived within 7 days, unfortunately I can’t remember exact dates. I printed 4 pictures I’d taken myself, using Costco’s print service and a picture of Sean Connery as James Bond from B&Q many years ago. I bought black frames from Hobby craft.

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, it came out better than I imagined it would be.

Moon phase – 21x 30cm/ 8x12inch

Happiness – 30x 40cm/ 12x16inch

Marc Jacobs Quote – 21x30cm/ 8x12inch

Lake – 21x30cm/ 8x12inch

Ballerina in window – 30x 40cm/ 12x16inch

Your mind – 21x30cm/ 8x12inch

From Rachel With love xx

Weekend in Manchester.

I recently spent the weekend in Manchester with my Sister for a small get away. I’ve never been to the city centre before, so it was fun to explore somewhere new.

We traveled up on the train and arrived at Manchester Piccadilly around 12pm. We stayed at a Premier Inn which was about 2 minute walk from the station, so was in the perfect location. Whilst making our way to the Arndale centre, we came across Wok & Go which was the perfect place for lunch. I had chicken in Black bean with noodles which was yummy and you get a huge amount, so make sure you’re hungry! As we were tired from waking up early, we had dinner at the hotel and called it an early night ready.

On Saturday morning we took a walk to Chapter One, located in the Northern Quarter its an independent bookshop as well as a cute cafe’. The interior was very quickly, with books you could read whilst enjoy a drink or to buy. I had a Pot of English Breakfast tea and a Jaffa cake inspired cake which was absolutely delicious. The rest of the day was spent wandering around Manchester Art Gallery and the streets of the city.  That evening we had dinner at one of my sisters favourite restaurants, Las Iguanas, it’s a south American inspired restaurant with 2 for 1 cocktails all day everyday.

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Sunday started with brunch at Alabama’s, located on Newton street. It’s a beautifully decorated American eatery which makes the best pancakes I have ever eaten in my life. If you’re in Manchester you really need to visit this place.


We then wandered to Manchester Cathedral which is a beautiful building, along the canal and through Canal Street, which is Manchester Gay village, if you want a fun night out, this is the place to go.

Monday was our last day in Manchester, we checked out the hotel then headed to Alabama’s again because it was so good the day before. This time we had a salt beef sandwich with chips. The portion was huge, so be warned, if you’re not that hungry sharing is definitely the way to go. Our train was at 2pm, so we said our goodbyes to Manchester.


It’s a great city and I would definitely recommend a visit. It’s a small-ish city which means it perfect for exploring on foot and there are lots of hidden gems to be found. I am definitely planning a visit here again soon.

From Rachel with love x

Balenciaga at the V&A

Balenciaga – Shaping Fashion is an exhibit currently on display until 18th February at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

The exhibition has over 100 of his creations, with some beautiful dresses and information about the materials used. It also showcases x-ray of his dress to show how he used weights within the dress to control the way it hangs. Here are a few pictures from the exhibition below.

If you have a interest in fashion and/or a love of beautiful dresses I highly suggest the exhibition. I also recommend the book created by the V&A.

From Rachel with love xx

Afternoon Tea in the Sky.

For my birthday, my amazing best friend, Lorraine, took me for Champagne afternoon tea at Vertigo 42 (I have best the friends in the world).

Vertigo 42 is Champagne bar located at the top of Tower 42, located near Liverpool Street, London. It had the most beautiful over London. Unfortunately when we arrived the weather was terrible, but this improved as we enjoyed our afternoon tea.

On arrival, we were taken to our seat and given a glass of Champagne. Shortly after, I afternoon tea arrived. It consisted of 3 sandwiches, Ham & Mustard, Salmon and Cucumber, 2 tarts one passion fruit and the other chocolate and caramel and a scone with clotted cream and Strawberry Jam. We also received a cup of tea/coffee.

The food was lovely and the views were stunning. If you fancy afternoon tea with a view, I would definitely recommend Vertigo 42.

From Rachel, with Love x

Unruly Curls.

I recently visited the Unruly curls hair salon in West London after Shona Vertue recommended it to those with curly hair.  I’m of a mixed ethnic origin, black Caribbean and white, meaning I have very curly hair. I haven’t had bad experiences with hairdressers but have alway felt there has been a lack of understanding of how to deal with the curliness of my hair. After hearing about Unruly curls, I booked myself in for a long over due cut.

The salon wasn’t what I expected, but it was a pleasant surprise. Its a big room with large mirrors and quirky furniture, it has a very homely feel. I sat down in the chair and had a discussion with my hairdresser, Steve, about the style I was aiming for. After my hair was washed and cut, it was then rinsed under the sink again to revive the curls after being stretched out by the combing and cutting. My hair was styled from soaking wet, then blow dried with a diffuser in a variety of positions, with my head upside down and lying down with my hair hanging over the edge of the chair. The result was the most beautiful, bouncy, glossy curls I had ever seen. It’s the 1st time I’ve ever left the hair dressers 100% happy with how my hair looked and I was out the salon within an hour!

The thing that really sold the salon to me, was when I emailed them 3 days later after to find out the products used to style my hair. I received a reply with the product name and a picture of the product. I honestly couldn’t recommend this salon anymore, the staff are lovely and are very good at what they do and the price is more than reasonable especially for the treatment you get. I won’t even consider visiting another salon.

Here is a before and after picture below:

From Rachel with love x

Summer Goals.

As I approach the final week of my university placement, my mind has very much turned to my summer holidays. I’m one of life’s planners and I always have a list on the go, so here I am itching to write my list to ensure my 7 weeks off are as fulfilling and interesting as possible.

Here are the goals I have set myself.

  1. Visit 2 new cities – I’ve been very lucky to have traveled to some amazing places but I’m keen to explore many more. Being a student with a part-time job, my financal situation doesn’t allow some of the destinations I have in mind. So for the time being, I plan to visit some cities within the UK and Europe to satisfying the travelling urge whilst being more friendly on the bank balance.
  2. Try a new sport – From a young age I have always been involved with and enjoyed sport. I haven’t played any sport for over a year, mainly keeping myself fit by exercising in the gym. But lately I’ve missed the competitiveness and drive from sport. I have a few sports in mind to try, Touch Rugby, Hockey and Track cycling.
  3. Take more pictures – I have always loved photography, something about being able to catch a moment in time has always resonated with me. I was gifted a DSLR at Christmas and have only really used it on holiday in Florida. So I’d like to spend some more time behind the lens, this goal can be incorporated with goals 1 and 4.
  4. Discover somewhere new in London – I was born and raised in London, it’s very much the city my heart belongs too. Yet there is still lots of London I haven’t experienced yet, so I hope to become much more familiar my favourite city.
  5. Write more blog post – I created this blog in January 2017 and since then have written 4 blog post in a sporadic manner. I’m aiming to consistently write 1 to 2 blog post a week about varying subjects to keep you update with goings on or things that have interested me.

I have chosen goals which are realistic and achievable to help structure my weeks without over taking them with a fear of failing. I will review these goals at the end of the 7 weeks to let you know how I’ve gotten on.

From Rachel with love x


This is an overview of my 2 week holiday in florida.

After a 9 hour flight we arrived at Miami international Airport. We spent the 1st night in Fort Pierce with a beautiful view from the Hotel Balcony.

From here we drove to the magical Place of Disney World. We stayed in Fort Wilderness Cabins   As the name suggest you each stay in your own cabin with a small decking area and BBQ.

We spent the next 9 days in Disney World exploring the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood studios plus the 2 water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Another post will follow with more details of the park.

Whilst staying at Disney World, we took a day trip to Merritt Island. We look the Black Point Wildlife drive which is a 7 mile one way drive which gives you the opportunity to see wildlife. We were very lucky to see a bob cat.

DSC_0367DSC_0377.JPG The next stop on our Floridian tour was the Everglades where we went looking for Alligators along the Anhinga Trail.


It took us around 3. 5 hours to get to Key West. we stayed the beautiful Ocean Edge Hotel. This was the most relaxing part of the holiday with a days spent by the pool and kayaking in the sea.

Our Last day was spent in Miami. We paced along the boardwalk admiring the art deco hotels and visiting the iconic Miami Beach.  Art Deco is one of my favourite types of architecture with its Jazzy patterns and broad range of colours. This place is definitely worth a visit.  There will be another post with more photos of the hotels.

DSC_0575The final sport before the Airport was Wynwood Walls, which is an area of the most amazing street art.  The Idea of Wynwood walls came from Tony Goldman to transform the area. Artist from around the world have contributed to the 80,000 square foot of wall. If you are visiting Miami this should be top of your list to visit.


I plan to follow this post with more details about my time in Disney world, Miami Beach and Wynwood walls, so if you’re interested keep your eyes peeled. I hope you enjoyed this post about my trip to Florida. I hope to have many more travel post to come.

From Rachel with Love x